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Praising God

Let I praise the works and wonders of the lord in me

For you have done miracles in my inner soul, that your name

Became carved in me.

Great you are and worthy of all praise.


As long as I’m living on earth. I will keep making music to you

Day after Day I shall bless you

I shall praise your name forever and ever

For you are my salvation, my hope, my friend, my everything

How pleasant you are to praise you.


Im buying every moment I wasted not knowing you,

Preventing my eyes from recognizing you, and doubting in you,

By praising your name and witnessing your presence

You are great, you are wonderful

All my inner praise is a sign of thanksgiving of your salvation in my dying soul.


You touched me with your merciful hands

You enriched me with life, where life didn’t make sense to me

You gave me sight, when I was blind and overwhelmed

You lifted me up, when I was sinking and suffocating

You sustained me, for I was an orphan

You loved me till death

And great miracles transfigured in me


Great you are and worthy of all praise

I shall praise your name forever and ever.


Thank you God for choosing me to become your beloved daughter and serve the kingdom of God .The time I entered the convent is a time of salvation and hope for my soul.

Thank you God for your love and mercy



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Chrétiens d’Afrique, témoins de la paix : "Pour les chrétiens d’Afrique afin qu’ils rendent un témoignage prophétique de réconciliation, de justice et de paix, en prenant pour modèle Jésus Miséricordieux."


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