Bowl Of Silence

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Lord, in the silence of this nascent day


Lord, in the silence of this nascent day

I ask you, peace, wisdom, strength.

I want to look today at the world with any filled eyes of love.

Be patient, understanding, gentle and wise.

See beyond appearances, your children as you can see yourself,

and thus see that the property in each.

Farm my ears at any slander,

guard my tongue of any malice,

that only the thoughts that bless remain in my mind.

That I am so happy and so benevolent,

that all those approaching me feel your presence give me thy beauty,

Lord, and that throughout this day I you reveals.


Jard sur Mer, France

Le silence du cur My soul craves for you SILENCE Mary a smile Jai vu briller ltoile lumineuse the goal Your place in my heart close to Him Impose silence to my desires Keep your eyes free Come Holy Spirit Open your eyes ! Maturation Oh you who are present in your home But where is the other shore ? God Before I uttered a word... I was meant to be

Blessed week Let us pray : 

Christians in Africa.

"That Christians in Africa, in imitation of the Merciful Jesus, may give prophetic witness to reconciliation, justice, and peace."

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