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      Called again and again

In this third Sunday of the Season of the Resurrection we are greeted with the narrative of Jesus on the shoreline preparing breakfast for disciples who had gone fishing. This passage finds echoes with other stories in the Gospels.

The scene is about the disciples fishing when Jesus comes along. We read a similar scenario in Mk 1 and Mt 4. In Lk the story includes Jesus telling Simon to cast the net deeper with the result of a big catch of fish. All these events are similar to todayís Gospel but they differ in one way. The Synoptic Gospels place this event at the commencement of Jesusí ministry whereas Johnís Gospel has this scenario taking place after Jesusí Resurrection. Perhaps we can conclude here that Jesus came to call us to follow him and this is his eternal message, from the beginning of his ministry to the very end.

We also find another recurrent theme. We read, Jesus came and took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish.í Aside from the notion of meals and eating, which there is plenty of in the Gospels, it is the action here that is striking. John has the same action occurring in 6:11. The Synoptic Gospels tell of fish and loaves and Jesus passing it on to the people (MK 6, Mt 14 and Lk 9). Again in the Synoptic Gospels during the Passover Jesus also takes bread and wine and blesses and passes them around to the disciples. It is the action of sharing generously what we have with others that Jesus is emphasising.

Todayís Gospel passage therefore teaches us that, called away from our boats and everyday lives, we are invited by Jesus to be with others and to serve them from the abundance of our gifts. Amen.

Jn 21:1-14

Sr Margaret Ghosn (mshf)


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