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Continuous Formation

Does formation end with education cycle expected for six or seven years or even ten years? Are we ever through with education? The Church urges the religious institutes to watch over the education of its members. It asks that every Congregation make for the necessary opportunities and the appropriate means so that everyone can pursue their own education.

Here is the Church saying regarding the permanent education in "Starting afresh in Christ":
"The present time in which we live urges us to globally reconsider the education of consecrated persons, which is no longer restricted to a period of time. Not only because they should always become more able to fit in a reality that changes according to an often frenetic rhythm, but also, and still more, because consecrated life itself requires, by reason of its nature, a constant availability of those who are called to live it. In fact, if consecrated life is itself" a progressive possession of the Christ's feelings" (VC 65), it seems obvious that this way cannot be proceeded all lifetime long, to bind the whole person, his heart, mind and strength (cf.Mt 22, 37) and makes him identical to the Son who gives himself to His Father for the sake of mankind. Considered from this point of view, education is no longer an educational period in preparation for taking vows only, but also a theological way of contemplating the consecrated life, which is itself an education never accomplished, a "participation for the action of the Father who, through the Holy Spirit, develops in the hearts . the Son's feelings" (VC 66).

La personne consacr?e apprend d'une fa?on toute particuli?re ? se laisser modeler par l'ann?e liturgique, ? l'?cole de laquelle elle revit progressivement les myst?res de la vie du Fils de Dieu avec ses m?mes sentiments, pour repartir du Christ et de sa P?que de mort et de r?surrection chaque jour de la vie. " (Repartir du Christ ; N?15) La Congr?gation fait sien ce texte. Il lui sert de texte pilier qui lui permet de penser et repenser ses propositions pour la formation continue de ses membres. Cette formation est d'une part individuelle et personnalis?e, d'autre part au moyen de s?minaires de r?flexion et d'approfondissement propos?s par groupe d'?ge ou de motivation.
So, it will be important that every consecrated person be trained to the freedom of learning, all her lifetime long, at any age and at any season, in any environment and any human context, from any person and from any culture, in order to be able to get learning from the slightest truth and beauty existing around him. However, she should above all, learn how to be educated through daily life, her community, her sisters and brothers, through ordinary and extraordinary things of every day, prayer and apostolic mission, in bliss and in suffering, until the day of her death. This is when opening to others and, particularly, the link with the time become decisive. Persons under education, possess time again, they do not endure it, but welcome it as a gift and become wisely integrated in the diverse rhythms (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) of life itself, seeking harmony between these and rhythm specified by God, unchanging and eternal, that punctuates days, centuries and time. The consecrated person learns, in a particular way, to be molded by liturgical year in the school of which she lives, little by little, life mysteries of the Son of God with the same feelings as His, with the aim of starting again from the Christ and His Easter of Death and Resurrection in every day of life". (Starting afresh in Christ; No. 15). The Congregation adopts this text as its own. It regards it as a key text that allows it to think and reconsider its suggestions for continuous education of its members. This education is, on one hand, individual, and personalized on the other, through seminaries reserved for reflection and more thorough examination, suggested according to age group or motivation.

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