Pastoral of vocations

The Pastoral of vocations aims at awakening the growing vocations and helping them grow according to the Holy spirit. It also aims at highlighting the beauty of consecration. Today, young people are seduced by God. It is up to us to help them distinguish the Lord’s calling that bursts out in their hearts. By witnessing the hope in us, we help them discern the word of God that calls them.

How to help them search for their personal vocation ?The vocation is a way we discover

In order to discover one's vocation, she should get on.
By getting on, she shall realize that a way is opening. This way is not designed in advance, but it appears; it is not the discovering of a way already made, but a way that is being built as long as she is moving towards.

With God's help

The human is God's partake in the search of their vocation. One can only find it, if they live in close relationship with God by praying, listening to the word, dynamically taking part in the Church's sacramented life.

By stepping forward

It is not enough to pray to discover the will of God. Even though prayer is necessary, absolutely a must, it will not cause us to take steps. Little steps, include reading a book, doing a retreat, a probationary period, or having a spiritual consulting.

Having a spiritual guide

Following Christ is an adventure that nobody can live alone; one should choose a sister or a brother in the faith. This allows one to realize that every vocation cannot be discovered and lived but in the Church.

What is to be done when a young girl entrusts us with a vocation project?

First listen well to her. Let her express herself, express her wish and her project. Know also that the word is not the sole mean of expression.

Let her take a first commitment
Help her discover that her project takes root in her daily life, in her personal history. Urge her to fully live where she is with the others. Help her read again and periodically her personal story as a basis in her searching.

Offer her a shared place
Offer her places for meeting, a prayer group, a stay in community.

Arouse her generosity
Offer her the opportunity, fulfill her generosity through church services, concrete actions of solidarity and helping those around her.

Offer her prayer times
Urge her to share her project with God, in prayer, silence and in listening to the Word. These times can be lived either individually or in group.

How to help the already heard calling be enhanced and blossomed?

Through training to prayer and sacramental life; by learning to master oneself and open out to others.

What is to be done practically?

Offer meetings of many sizes, recollection of a day along with sharing experiences, a life retreat, a possible integration into a group of prayer or a group of biblical study.

Organize open days, festive celebrations for the high times of liturgy (Advent, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost…).

Suggest stays in community, a skill of work in one of our Institutions if necessary, training in pastoral commitment, a companion in order “to read again one’s life so as to read God”.

How to distinguish a vocation to religious life?

Whatever be the way the young person approaches us, it will be necessary to check with her and through her story, the profile of a genuine vocation. The used criteria should correspond to a number of rational benchmarks as well affective benchmarks.

In order to discern a religious vocation, one should proceed by brushing away physical, emotional, intellectual, moral or more specifically spiritual obstacles … that may keep away a possible real vocation. Positively, if the young person is moved by a divine calling, this shall emotionally result in feelings that allow her to blossom and disclose herself more. Joy, peace, trust and docility that she shows are decisive proofs of a real vocation. These are the first signs of a real calling of God.

“All done, you should say: we are useless servants” Lk17,10.

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