Stages of a pre-novitiate

Pre-novitiate extends on three stages that vary according to the form, duration and places. These stages are progressive as for a follow-up study and program content:

The observant

This stage is characterized by an accompanying spaced in lifetime and at the young girl’s request, some short stays in community, according to the young girl’s availability or, if necessary, the retreat.

The aspirant

Through this stage, the continuous accompanying in life, stays in community can become of a longer duration, along with a life choice retreat.

The postulant

Through this stage, a postulant accompanying gets more systematic in order to discern a life choice, a stay varying from three to six months in the training house, a more direct preparation for Congregation spirituality, a preparation for joining the novitiate.

Her entry in Congregation shall be marked by an application letter in which she states the motive, motivations and meaning she gives to this step, her experiencing God and His Call, what she expects and wishes, her inner dispositions, justifying her choosing our Congregation.

“Postulation is a greeting and observing time on either sides: the one who has already come, seeks to recognize in the Congregation he already chose, the environment which helps him grow in the Lord as He promised him; Congregation that receives this hope, seeks to discern the features of his usual answer to his God’s love” (for the training in the apostolic religious life; p.35).

The greeting of vocations in pre-novitiate

The call to a religious consecration calls for numerous requirements. For that reason, postulants should enjoy some environments:

- A human, psychological and relational balance;
- A good judgment, a firm will;
- Capacities to communication and sharing;
- A capacity to assume responsibilities and to commit oneself;
- A capacity to develop their inner space and their life of prayer;
- Especially an ideal love for the Christ and His Gospel;

Blessed week Let us pray : 

Christians in Africa.

"That Christians in Africa, in imitation of the Merciful Jesus, may give prophetic witness to reconciliation, justice, and peace."

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