Announcement to Zechariah

Announcement to Zechariah


Look at us God. Gaze upon us with your generous love, as you gazed upon Zechariah and Elizabeth.


They were good people. Ordinary folk who lived peaceably with all, faith filled and decent. So many of us, want to live a life of simplicity and goodness. Yet sometimes we struggle and we fall. Sometimes we feel struck mute and distant from you. However may we come to realize that it is these disturbing times that are opportunities for growth.


God, like Zechariah, may we come to an awareness and understanding of your tender work in our lives. We ask this because sometimes we feel that though our lives are ‘good’ there is something still missing. Like Zechariah and Elizabeth’s ‘good’ life, they still lacked one thing they desired most, a child. We too lack love and intimacy in our lives. That is when we need to recognise your gentle presence touching and transforming us.


So teach us God how to see you, how to turn to you, how to know you, how to recognise your presence and how to awaken to your love that over flows in us.


Elizabeth knew you had blessed her and she was overwhelmed with gentle grace. Thank you God for your generous care of all people. Thank you for your tender and eternal gaze upon each one of us. Amen

Lk 1:1-25


Sr Margaret Ghosn (mshf)