Annual celebration of Divine Love

Sisters of the Holy Family organized the “annual celebration of Divine Love” at the Mother House of the Congregation in Ebrine.

A large number participate in this annual celebration in honor of the greatest love, the love of God for us, God the Father who has loved us to the point that he has given us his only Son, God the Son who has given us loved to the point that he gave himself for us on the Cross, God the Holy Spirit who is himself the bond of Love.

The Word that has come to his people, and his people have not received it, which had no place for him in the hotel, which has no place to rest his head, this Word has a place in our hearts and we have room in His Heart. Let us widen our hearts and consecrate him our lives so that they fill them with his presence, joy, light and eternal life.

Young people and families from different parts of Lebanon were at the rendezvous.

The evening of prayer was animated by the choir of the Parish of Saint Maron-Tripoli. She alternated meditations, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and moments of silence.

Our next appointment is Friday, February 14, 2020 evening at the Mother House, Ebrine.

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