Come and see


Before deciding

Before embarking on any path

Before taking either path

Start by responding to this invitation,

An invitation full of respect and tenderness.


Take the step to come

Take the initiative, the lead to come

In order to see, to weigh, to measure, to feel.

Come and see

Come to see

if there is a hooked atom between you and the place

between you and people

between you and the rest.

Come first

Then you will see

You will see if you like this route

if this lifestyle is right for you

If this is where

you can breathe, grow,

develop your talents

If this is where

you can give your time,

your abilities, your life.

You will see

If the dream of your life comes true

in the company of the Master

You will see

If you can sell everything

to buy the field

where is hidden the precious pearl of your life

You will see

If live

in the shadow of the Holy Family

tempts you

You will see … and you will see …

For now come,

Come and see,

Come and you will see,

Come and we’ll see …

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