His Spirituality


One can summarise Howayek’s spirituality as total reliance on God’s Providence and continual searching for the pleasure and glory of the Most High. He was a man of Providence. He was a person of disciplined character. He lived simply despite all the honors, praise and distinction that accompanied his position in life.

In his final letter addressed to the Sisters, he advised them to walk the path that leads to holiness, and in this he himself had practiced what he preached:

Whether I have a short life or a long one, whether I die at this very hour or later on, I accept all from the hands of God! On God I rely, on him who is my complete satisfaction. He watches over me during my times of joy and sorrow, and my only concern is to do his will ” (Letter, 25th July, 1931).

Patriarch Elias Howayek is in the company of the saints.

Despite all the responsibilities attached to the position he held and even when heavy demands were placed upon him, he always found time to devote himself to prayer. He was an exceptional man of God and the Son of Divine Providence, titles he always lived up to. He often repeated the verse: “If the eyes of Divine Providence are turned upon you, sleep well, for you are secure despite all fears ”.

This is what he lived and strove for in all the circumstances of his life. He believed that every event in human life was a divine gift and God-given experience.

Today, he is still with us through numerous graces granted through his intercession to those who demand it.

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