Mar Takla School – Terboul

In response to the appeal of the Lord and in line with the goal of the Assembly and the objectives of the founder of the Assembly decided to request the people of the town of Terboul Bekaa open a school interested in educating children and raising them good education.
In October 1967 the Society received the Maronite Episcopal School’s leave from Bishop Shukrallah Harb, patron of the Maronite diocese of Baalbek at the time, but without building.
Until 1970, the school was operating in the house of Elias Al-Sghbini. There is no playground for the pupils except the public road. There is no water for drinking or toilets. Unfortunately, the number of pupils is increasing and the school is in a state of misery and misery. In 1976, the school became free and its pupils numbered 406.

After consultations and studies, the council decided to direct the building despite the difficult circumstances and the narrow situation. The project received material support from the Hosh Hala School and some of the Association’s affordable schools.
The construction was completed in all our schools and ended on July 1, 1993.
In October 1994, at the beginning of the school year, the sisters carried their message in the administration of St. Takla’s school in Terboul with all the joy and dedication of the talents of God’s talents and abilities to serve the sons of God and to spread his word and to keep this school lighting a plains

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