The ultimate aim of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family is a life of union with God through prayer and work, for the glory of Almighty God and good of souls, in the service of the Church, family and society.


 “with no distinction between creeds and nationalities”, “…and according to the requirements of the time”.


Pastoral care for families


Pastoral care for families in all facets of their existence; through accompanying, support through listening, attentiveness, and prayer, in order to fulfill their calling and mission in a world full of challenges.

Service of the Word

Service of the Word and promoting growth in Christian life through religious education, prayer, spiritual retreats, missionary activities and service to the parish.


Pedagogical service

Pedagogical service, especially among the poor and in isolated areas; and work with children, young boys and especially young girls, in the fields of social, humanitarian and Gospel values.

Humanitarian and social services

Humanitarian and social services of all types: care for the sick and elderly and for orphans, with special concern for troubled families.

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