Our lady of Miziyara school

Peter Girgis Chidiac, the undersecretary of the Church of Our Lady of Mezyara, had three descendants of daughters, and their father was in the microscope. The three girls wanted to learn, and were not available at the time other than boarding schools, their parents refused to join them. Their grandfather, Peter Al-Shdelek, was a friend of Maronite Patriarch Elias Al-Hwaik and Archbishop Antoine Arida. They asked them to send nuns from the Maronite Sisters’
In 1930, the nuns arrived at Muzayara and initially settled in many houses. After the construction of the current school, thanks to one of the sons of Muzayra al-Khayran and the contribution of the Waqf Committee, in 1947, it moved to the building of the school,

The school consists of two buildings:
The first building comprises the public administration, accounting, elementary grades in Maysara
The second building includes supplementary and secondary classes in the month of Mayza.

The school was then elementary, and in 1986, it became complementary, and then with the beginning of the third millennium became secondary.

Most of the school’s students are residents of Muzayara, Muzayara, Hamis and Bahwa. The majority of the families are Maronite Christians from the middle socio-economic class

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