Our Lady of Sheer school – Ehmej

The Patriarch Elias Al-Hweik carried out the education and education of the sect’s girls. He established a women’s national apostolic order, which is concerned with raising the girl, the future mother, and the heart of the family and its main pillar, especially since there were only foreign associations interested in this regard.

When the news of the establishment of a school for nuns in Jbeil and Amshit spread, the children of Ehmaj rushed to work to establish a school in the nahj of the nuns who were supervising their administration. They were interested in educating the village girls, as did the sons of Jbeil and Amshit

Work began on the construction of the school in Ehmag in 1899 in cooperation between resident and expatriate Ahmajis. This work continued until construction was completed. As this educational test has been established over the years and its effectiveness and impact have been established in the younger generations, the townspeople agree with the Nuns’ Association to welcome the boys in the school together with their sisters and girls. Due to the doubling of pupils, 1906

It became necessary to expand the old building so that it could accommodate this number. In the mid-sixties of the last century, the committee of Awqaf Ahmag decided to add two floors of white stone to the old building. The Nuns Association also carried out the necessary maintenance, expansion and modernization of the building.

In addition to the educational work, the brotherhood of the Holy Family was established. The nuns also took part in the pastoral occasions of weddings, celebrations and liturgical celebrations, and the good relations between the sisters, the nuns, and the children of the town,

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