Our Lady School Sahel-Alma

A Gushing Life: History and Location


Our Lady School of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family Sahel-Alma is situated in a suburban area, thirty kilometers from the capital, on a green hill with a panoramic view overlooking Jounieh Bay at the heart of Kesrouan. This domain constituted of two longitudinal and crossed wings is a real peace haven and engagement in a family atmosphere where learning is treasured.

Nonetheless, the establishment consists not only of classes, playgrounds, and gardens, but also of ambition, hope, rooting, solidarity, belonging, faith, values, as well as laughter and sometimes even tears.

In this serene and protective frame, the pupils – coming mainly from the region of Kesrouan – receive a trilingual education from early nursery years to their high school diploma.

Furthermore, conscious of the importance of education as a fundamental pillar in building ” the family “, and indeed, the whole society, Patriarch Elias Hoyek, Founder of the Congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, entrusted this Congregation with the particular mission of caring for the Family. Consequently, around a century ago, or more exactly in 1919, the complementary school of Our Lady of the Assumption in Ghadir – first girls’ school in Jounieh- opened its doors to welcome its first flagship of young girls. And this very first promotion of qualified women gained important posts in socio-educational missions within the Lebanese society. Further to the success of this promotion, the number of pupils increased followed by a need to build a newer and vaster building that can enfold an even larger number.

Thus, a new building in yellow and white walls roofed with red tiles was enshrined in the hills of Sahel Alma, overhanging the magnificent bay of Jounieh. Equally important, since the year 1969, Our Lady of Harissa has embraced and protected this domain which bears the name of its patron.

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