Patriarch ELias Howayek Prayers

Daily prayer of the Patriarch Elias Howayek : 

My God, let me live and die

pleasing You

My Lord, be generous to me with

the grace of your pleasure in me,

for it is my only good,

my only treasure,

my pride, my life,

My hope, my happiness

and my only desire.

It is my everything.

Guide me and lead me

And enlighten my mind

with the light

of your boundless wisdom,

For I depend entirely on your mercy

And on nothing else.

All I desire is your good pleasure

And nothing more.


Prayer of Patriarch Elias Howayek

On the occasion of his Ordination to the Priesthood

I bessech You, my God

I beseech you,

my God to grant me the grace

to serve you according to your Providence.

I desire from you your presence

and your love,

and the fire of your love filling my heart.

Remove from it all leanings

and all attachments displeasing to you.

For I have consecrated my life

and all I am to your service and love.

Do with me as you will;

you are my Lord, Master and God

and I am your servant

and creation molded by you.

Yet I dare call myself

only the least of your children;

I call you my kind and caring Father.

To you be glory and thanksgiving forever. Amen

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