Seminar on Patriarch Elias Howayek


” Patriarch of Great Lebanon “

” I will not give up one inch of Lebanon “


Address: Patriarch Elias Howayek Theater – St Joseph School of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family, Jbeil.

Speaker: Dr. Antoine Hakim, Dr. Essam Khalifa, Dr. Sassin Assaf and Professor Iskandar Shedid.

The seminar program was presented by Professor Majid Bou Hadeer.

The seminar program was run By sister Yara Matta.

In addition to the lectures’ interventions, the program included the speech of the General Superior, Sister Marie Antoinette Saade, a documentary presentation on the life of the patriarch Elias Howayek and his role in the declaration of the greater Lebanon, and presented a hymn to the “glory of Lebanon” that was written and composed by the priest Maroun Ghosn.

The seminar was attended by the Bishops, Hanna Alwan, Samir Mazloum, Michel Aoun, and Youssef Suef, Secretary General of the Catholic Schools Father Boutros Azar, General Presidents of the various monastic societies, Vice-President of the Maronite League, Dr. Mtanios Al-Halabi  and delegates of educational institutions, of the region of Jbeil.

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