In the love of God, Father, Source of all blessing,

Who has made us “sons” in the Son, out of pure liberality.




In the love of God, an indefectible Mother-Providence,

who never abandons her children.





To the love of God, Father and Mother, who loved us so much that he gave us his only begotten Son, that we may have eternal life (see Jn 3:16).


The Daughter of the Holy Family daily lives in filial relationship with the Father,

in 3 faces:


Love-Benediction (Baraka)

Face of the  Love-Benediction (Baraka) : because for him(Jesus) , God is Father, Blessing and Source of all blessings on earth as it is in heaven. In return, He the SON lives his filial situation in the continuous flow of thanksgiving and gratitude.


Love-Providence (Inaya)

The Face of Love- Providence (Inaya) by His Divine Providence, God manifests his maternal love face for the needs of his children, takes care of them as the pupil of his eye and protects the hiding them at the shadow of his wings.


Amour-Exaltation (Rida)

The face of Love-exaltation (Rida) ; For the son who seeks only the contentment and satisfaction of the Father, in thought, in word and in action, wishes to hear from our Almighty God, the word of exaltation that He said to His  Son Jesus: “You are my beloved Son in who I put all my contentment “(Mk 1, 11)


The Daughters of the Holy Family live this spirituality of filiation through an act of faith rooted in that love of the Heavenly Father which motivated the Father Founder in response to God’s blessings, providence and contentment.

In this way the Daughters of the Holy Family live in continual thanksgiving and total abandonment to the will of the Holy One and in continual search for ways to please God by offering their lives as did the only Son of God as “a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God” (Rom 12:1).

The Daughter of the Holy Family daily lives in filial relationship with the Father, led by the Holy Spirit, so that she experiences what the Son experienced (Phil 2:5), and she seeks forgiveness and bears witness to Jesus as the Father did at Jesus’ baptism: “You are my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Lk 3:22).

This filial spirituality inherited by the Congregation is lived out through the witness of the Founders, and through living in community according to the founding Sisters’ example and to the counsels of Patriarch Howayek, which are a spiritual fountain that never dries up.

In the shadow of the Holy Family

The daughter of the Holy Family expresses her living faith as the daughter of God the Father through sisterly love in the community and through ministry, desiring all thingsfor Jesus, with him and near him (Letter of the Father Founder, year 1921), in the shadow of the Holy Family, in an atmosphere impregnated with simplicity and humility and the joy of service and giving, For the glory of the Great Divine Presence and salvation of souls.” (Letter of the Father Founder – Year 1921)

Letter of the Father Founder. 1931
Father Founder – 1931

Whether I have a short life

or a long one,

whether I die at this very hour

or later on,

I accept all from the hands of God!

On God I rely,

on him who is my complete satisfaction.

He watches over me during my times of joy and sorrow,

and my only concern is to do his will



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