The Cup of Patriarch Elias Hoyek in basketball

The Holy Family University celebrated its tenth anniversary by honoring the champions of the Patriarch Elias Hoyek Cup in basketball and opening a stadium

The Holy Family University celebrated its tenth anniversary by honoring the champions of the Patriarch Elias Hoyek Cup in basketball and opening a stadium
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 12:33 am Sport

The USF University in Batroun concluded a long sporting day on the tenth anniversary of its founding by inaugurating a closed stadium and honoring the champions of the “Patriarch’s Cup” basketball tournament at a ceremony called by President Hilda Shallala. The ceremony was held in the presence of MP Fadi Saad, President of the Association of Sisters of the Holy Family and President of the Board of Trustees of the University, Sister Marie Antoinette Saadeh, Batroun Mayor Roger Toubia, President of the Union of Batroun Municipalities Marcelino Horek, Political parties, presidents and representatives of sports clubs, associations and bodies, bank managers, members of the board of trustees of the university and members of the university council, members of educational bodies at the university and participating schools and a group of students and guests.
The ceremony came at the end of a long sports day, in which 8 schools of the Holy Family Society and the University team participated.


After the Lebanese national anthem, Wadih Fadouz presented the event and Sister Shalala gave a speech entitled “Sport is our goal and the family brings us together”. “It is a special day for the Maronite Maronite Sisters Association, because it carries three dimensions that are among the most important pillars of its educational objectives: the principles of democratic competition, the formula of coexistence, the stimulation of talent and abilities. Its keenness to spread the culture of coexistence, in addition to its established educational mission. ”
“It is a great honor for me to conclude this long sporting day in which eight teams of high school dignitaries competed with sporting enthusiasm and family spirit while preserving the principles of democratic competition. This noble behavior is an example to be followed by all players and fans of all affiliations, To renounce fanaticism and riots and to profit management as well as loss of sport and daily life. ”
“The people of Tripoli, Shakka, Batroun, Jubail, Sahel, Alma, Zalka, Wadi Shahrur and Rayak gathered together to transform this sport into a festival of national reconciliation and fusion, just as the founder of St. Elias Al-Hayek, Lebanon, Education and values ​​that “rebuild homes and protect society from the scourge of corruption …” Today, more than ever before, we see clearly the extent to which these principles are deeply rooted in the spirit and spirit of the youth of the Holy Family.
“Thank you for your school administrations and your parents, and for every human being who has contributed and continues to develop your talent and move you forward with a confident and steady step that shakes from beneath it. You have a good health that enables you to dive into the gym … The dream of the University of the Holy Family – Batroun extends to provide sports opportunities for the victims of wars and traffic accidents, and most of them in Lebanon!
Our future project lies in providing opportunities and activating the human capacities disabled by disability to become important capabilities that benefit people and stimulate the economy in our country. ”
The President thanked Sister Marie Antoinette and HE Dr. Salim Sfeir for their contribution and support to the work of the recently completed roof of the stadium and to the President of the Federation of Batroun Municipalities, in order to facilitate this work and to support the University and its students. She also thanked MP Fadi Saad and all the participating companies for organizing the sports day.
She concluded with a prayer “to the heavenly Father in order to show the Holiness of the Patriarch Elias Hoyek, and to keep the Sisters of the Holy Family as guardian of principles and values, spreading with the knowledge and education the culture of life and excellence and living in the spirituality of the Holy Family.


The President-in-Chief, Saadeh, delivered a speech that began with words from the Apostolic Guidance to the youth: “Christ lives, He is our hope, the most beautiful young man in this world, and everything he touches becomes young, new, and full of life.”
She said: “First, Christ lives.” We are at the time of the Resurrection, and these days we share the festival’s thanks, saying, “Christ is risen.” Yes Christ rose, and His Resurrection raised our hope. Second: “Christ is the most beautiful young man in the world.” The beauty of Christ we met today on your faces the young people who are with us, our students, the University of the Holy Family, and the students of our schools spread throughout Lebanon, from the far reaches to the far north. ”
“You are not only the future of the Church and the nation, but you are the present of the Church and of the Father (and also the words of Pope Francis.) Your youth is a sign of life you live in full and healthy, The best place where you can experience your personality and build your friendships in a way that “God pleases” is because God does not accept you without true joy, true love, and real life. Wherever you are, and with whom you are, “in the neighborhood, in study, , The Lord wants you, young people, “as tools for him AWA light and hope, because he wants to rely on your courage and Naddourkm and enthusiasm. ”
Then I went to the family of the University of the Holy Family, congratulating me on the “harvest of the ten years”, saying: “The crops are plentiful, and the harvest is great, and your hands are still cultivating goodness and reaping the blessings.” And the beautiful scene of the daughters and sons of the family, Open to them the doors of convergence and acquaintance and challenge sports, believes them the atmosphere in which they live experiences of friendship and brotherhood. ”
She concluded: “We ask God, the youth who do not grieve, to bless our young women and our young people, and to prove that we, the daughters of the Holy Family and all those working in our institutions and messages, serve the youth, the family, the community and the nation. And filled with life, “a life we ​​wish for your abundant abundance of success and joy, for the glory of the greatest divine goodness and the best of souls.”
Then, alongside Saad, Al-Hark and Shalala, were handed the medals and trophy of Patriarch Al-Hawayek to the Holy Family School-Zalka and the Holy Family League winners. She also presented a memorial shield to the movement in recognition of its support for the university and its students.
The ceremony included performances of theatrical and artistic preparation of school students.
Then everyone moved to the site of the stadium closed on the technical display of the band Fly on stage. After cutting the tape, I had a tour inside.
Lamia Shedid, National Information Agency

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