The School of Sisters of the Holy Family – Mejdlaya

The School of Sisters of the Holy Family was established in Majdalia in 1940. In the beginning it was a free elementary school run by the diocese of Tripoli. During the Lebanese war, it was on the border of two areas of destruction, but the nuns’ insistence on survival and the spread of their educational mission helped to restore it. In 1972, the Society bought a piece of land and built the new building. Since that year, the new building has become the Lady’s School in Majdalia.
In 1979, the monarchy was launched from the Maronite diocese of Tripoli to the Holy Family Society. In 1981 she became a supplementary school and later became a high school.

The school is witnessing great demand from the students of the region, whether from Tripoli or Zgharta, because of its quality in education and education, and to plant in the minds of its students the values, virtues and principles of Samia. The school aims to nurture an open, open, courageous and accepting human being, as well as cultivating in the hearts of its students the spirit of faith and commitment. It is a Christian institution working with the teachings of Christ and trying to be a model of Christian and Muslim coexistence. The Department does not fail to meet the educational requirements in its institution and is keen to build relations of friendship and friendship between them as an administrative body and between the educational body and the parents’ committee, in order to secure the appropriate climate framework for the student of the future.

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